OMA Wafter Dicing Series

OMA IND. CO., LTD. is a high quality O.E.M. manufacturer and specialist at various accuracy parts of wafer dicing system machines which used for Semi-Conductor equipment. As drawings, all of the casting & parts of the Cutting machine constructions are manufactured by us. After 100% definitely testing and inspection, painting and anti-rust processes, then ship out the products to Cutting machine factories which located around the world for assembling.

   It does surely can reduce the costs to Cutting machine manufacturers by such method.

   In Taiwan, there are lots of various casting factories which own longer history, highly quality and competitive price. Certainly, the machining processes and high technical staffs are completed day after day. We faithfully think we can be a good partner and supplier to you in future.

ASTM class 300/325 alloy

Stress relieve after machining & before final grind:
Stress relieve: (low temp.anneal) slow heat
Form room temp. to 1150
(621)-1200 (649)
per hour max.). soak at 1175(635) for 4-6 hours
Slow cool (rate:150
per hour max.) in furnace to room tempepature.


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