@ OEM Machine Part

  We provide such service to various customers in Japan as well as the United States and Singapore, about 20% of the our business incomes.

@ Various Types of Shaft Box, Gear Box, Speed Box

  These products have been sold to Yang、Victor、POSA、YCM、Chevalier、Dahlih、Awea、Ecoca、Goodway、Takisawa、Tongtai、Kent、Hartford、Johnford、Longnew , about 40% of the our business incomes.

@ Parts for CNC Lathe, Tool Turret , as well as other Machinery

  These products have been sold to Goodway、Ecoca、Takisawa、Victor、Tmt、Chevalier、Johnford、Kent、Dahlih、Awea、Tongtai , about 30% of the our business incomes.

@ Parts for Punching and Plastics Injection Machines

  These products have been sold to Chin Fong、Tien Kang、Safeway , about 10% of the our business incomes.




In order to improve production efficiency and machining accuracy, have introduced the following production equipment.

‧TOSHIBA - BTD-200QE Horizontal Boring & Milling M/C  Specification: 1,000mm × 800mm × 700mm

‧KURAKI - MH-630+6APC Horizontal M/C   Specification : 860mm × 710mm × 660mm

‧TOSHIBA - BMC-63E+2APC Horizontal M/C X 2  Specification: 1,000mm × 800mm × 700mm

‧KITAMURA - MH630+6APC Horizontal M/C  Specification: 1,200mm X 800mm X 800mm

‧成合 - 臥式搪銑床 CB-85A 1000 X 800 X 760

‧松穎 X2 (全新) - 臥式搪銑床 SM-FB85 1400 X 1000 X 1000

‧Victor -  V center-H630+2APC Horizontal M/C  Specification: 900mm × 800mm × 700mm

‧TACHEN -  Horizontal Boring & Milling M/C  Type: CB-85A  Specification: 1,400mm × 1,000mm × 1,000mm

‧SANCO -  Horizontal Boring & Milling M/C  Type: SM-FB85  Specification: 1,400mm × 1,000mm × 1,000mm



The following precision inspection tools have been brought in by Tyfer in order to meet the high quality demand for our products.

• U.S.A. Sheffield LEWIS R50 Coordinate Measurement Machine
• MOJAVE Granite Testing Platform Specification: 60"x72"(1500x1800mm)
• TRIMOS Electric Digital Altimeter、2D Measuring instrument & Accessories
• MITUTOYO Height Arm Gauge
• FUTABA Grating Scale


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