Establishment of TYFER

Established in 1984, the company is located in No.124, Yongcheng Rd. Taiping City, Taichung County 41165 Taiwan (R.O.C.). TYFER, a specialized processing factory, specializes in milling processing for tool machine spindle headstock and related parts, as well as any OEM production projects.

We combine youth oriented and technology talented people under the philosophy of "professional / responsible / continues forever", by all strength we are moving forward to the "superior quality" field and bringing out the ideal of sophisticated processing.

Insistence of TYFER

'The first-class technical standard/simplification work flow/promote comprehensive quality ' is the advantage that TYFER develops and makes breakthrough repeatedly. Through total quality management form the overseas big plant and the domestic well-known specialty machine factory for a long time. We also devote to the product level promotion. It’s much better to lay the foundation of TYFER business in the processing industry. Gain the trust of more customers.

Goodwill of TYFER

We will approve 'goodwill' are similar to the affirmation life value, TYFER all of one mind will build diligently ' TYFER goodwill ' that the market value.

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